Success Stories

Success Stories

Ferrari Art.Engine

An Extreme Statement on Home Audio. 2007

Ferrari can choose who they want to work with. DWV joins an elite group of car designers and architects chosen by Ferrari to execute innovative and elegant programs; in this case, for a Ferrari-branded consumer product.

Intended for the executive office or home, the DWV Ferrari Art.Engine is a complete audio system is a one-piece, wireless sound system that projects extraordinary stereo sound from a single location. With built-in digital amplification, digital signal processing and a wireless receiver, the DWV Ferrari Art.Engine exemplify elegance and extreme sculptural execution. The DWV Ferrari Art.Engine is the single most advanced and exclusive product ever designed for Ferrari and the iTunes culture.

Individually machined from massive billets of aluminum, hand assembled and custom finished by DWV Entertainment, the DWV Ferrari Art.Engine is a signed and numbered edition of 1000 pieces, created in partnership with Ferrari.

US Ski Team

Image & Branding Program. 1998

“USSA is proud of its image today, and its brands have risen tremendously in value since initiating its image makeover in 1998. David Wiener Ventures made the difference!” – Tom Kelly – Vice President, Senior VP – United States Ski Association

In the late 90s, the U.S. Ski Association, faced a daunting task in modernization of its corporate image. While USSA had great equity in its marks among constituents, the logos did not portray an exciting, modern image, and USSA lacked the discipline to manage their use.

USSA conducted a national agency search to manage the project, ultimately selecting David Wiener Ventures.

The existing U.S. Ski Team mark had nearly 40 years of equity. It was a well-established mark in the ski industry, and had tremendous visibility and recognition worldwide.

“DWV did an extraordinary job in presenting a design that captured all of the 40 years of equity, and positioned the new mark to be one of the most exciting in Olympic sport. The very first design draft presented to USSA was a winner! The introduction was flawless, with nearly 100% marketplace acceptance within months – far ahead of projections!” – Bill Marolt – CEO, USSA

SoundTube Pro Audio Speakers

Multiple Technologies & 12 Patents to David Wiener for Audio Innovation. 1996

“SoundTube has raised the standard for quality in commercial retail speakers.” – Emilio Verdugo, ME Productions, Skechers Store Design

“SoundTube has taken speakers to a whole new level.” – Dave Barker, Systems Design Mgr., Muzak LLC

“When Ferrari needed to improve its sound system for the U.S. premiere of the new Enzo supercar, we called David Wiener to use his SoundTube speakers. David personifies Ferrari’s passion for performance, engineering and the emotion of design. And his SoundTube speakers created the finest sound we’ve ever had.” – Jeff Ehoodin – Ferrari North America – 2003

David showed his first tubular speaker experiments to some audio retailers back in 1985. They told him it would never sell. Luckily for everyone in ommercial audio, that just fueled David’s fire.

DWV started SoundTube Entertainment in 1996 to provide the best possible sound solution for commercial venues with open ceilings. Before SoundTube came along, open-ceiling speakers were boxes hanging on poles. SoundTube is now the international benchmark in open-ceiling speaker technology. And sound-focusing speakers, outdoor in-ground speakers and more.

  • Soundtube
  • Old Navy
  • Bally
  • Ferrari Logo
  • Gap
  • Harley
  • Carrefour
  • Showcase

Porsche & BMW Show Cars

DWV Makes Great Cars Even Better. 1993

“Do you have any idea how much fun it is to take a power saw to a perfectly good Porsche?!” – David Wiener

“The workmanship on David Wiener Ventures’ Porsche aero convertible is superb.” – Prescott Kelly, Porsche Panorama

The attention to detail and commitment to making each vehicle look as if it was made by the factory was so pervasive that, in one example of the never-ending desire for perfection, David literally sanded all the skin off the ends of his fingers during the BMW’s lacquer painting process. They just bled and bled and he had to wear cotton wraps on each finger for days.

These cars attracted so much attention that they almost caused accidents on the road as drivers would turn their heads and stare – all while attempting to stay in their lane.

It’s just too bad that “reality shows” didn’t exist back in 1983. The work DWV was doing with custom “tuner” cars would have made for great viewing and widespread appeal.

Columbia – PFG® – Performance Fishing Gear

Creating the World’s Top Selling Fly Fishing Clothing and Brand. 1993

“Most sports fashion is designed by people who know fashion, not sport, yet they always claim ‘authenticity’. It’s the same with marketing – how many times have we seen advertising images where the models are holding their fishing rods upside-down – that’s not authenticity.” – DW

“David is in touch with the sports industry and as a result brings a greater design sensitivity to each and every project. He produces innovative, fresh, creative solutions that get the job done.” – Bart Bonime – Columbia Sportswear

“Almost like a tackle box for your body. Just a lot more comfortable.” – Columbia Sportswear advertisement

David Wiener Ventures created the PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) brand, image and products for Columbia Sportswear to protect fishermen from the sun, wind and water during tropical marathons on the flats, hunting for Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit.

After DWV developed the products, the brand, and the logo that is so well known by fishermen today. DWV’s expertise in performance fashion design was matched by its experience in saltwater fly fishing.

“At West Marine in the Florida Keys, our customers ask for certain products by name, and Columbia PFG shirts are certainly one of the most sough- after items we carry. The product is comfortable and offers our customers the wear and comfort they seek in our tropical climate. Many of our customers make their living on the water and the Columbia shirts are proven winners each and every time. It’s the right tool for the job!” – Capt. Mario Espin – West Marine – The World’s #1 Marine Retailer – Key West Florida

Flarecraft – Ground-effects Aircraft

Aerodynamics and Race Car Tech Create an Amazing Aircraft. 1992

“I have worked with David Wiener over many years, on very difficult design issues with the Flarecraft. David is not only a pleasure to work with; he is the most talented designer I have ever hired. He has a unique perspective that brings life to his designs in a way that is both current and effective.” – W. F. Russell, Jr., President & CEO Flarecraft Corporation

“David excels at pushing the technological envelope” – Bill Taylor – Director, Alias Software (SGI Platform)

The Flarecraft Company came to DWV for a branding and logo program. After the first hour interview process, they said, “Forget the logo. We want you to design the aircraft,” putting DWV’s expertise in aerodynamics and composites to good use.

Back in 1988, DWV was one of the early adopters of 3D computer modeling, joining forces with Silicon Graphics and Alias to produce radically realistic models of non-existent products – something we take for granted today. Popular Science did a cover story on the Flarecraft before the pre-production model had flown. They asked DWV to provide imagery from its advanced computer modeling and were startled by the images of the Flarecraft flying over a seaside resort with two people at the controls. Popular Science said it looked too real! Their fear of promoting a craft which had yet to really fly forced DWV to revise the images and provide a “computer-generated” look. The ALIAS software company loved this and made an advertising moment out of it.

Update: DWV has been retained to design the latest model Flarecraft – the SeaWing

Envirologic Non-polluting Lawn Mower

DWV Takes the Noise Out and Puts the Fun In. 1990

“Lawn mowers produce up to 50 times more pollution per horsepower than trucks produce.” – New York Times

“Garden equipment engines emit up to 5% of the nation’s air pollution and a good deal more in many metropolitan areas like Los Angeles.” – Bill Kelly, AQMD News Bureau

The EnviroLogic is a human-powered (push power) rotary lawn mower that is quiet and doesn’t require gas, oil or electricity. Clean, safe, healthy and fun, the EnviroLogic provides all the ‘right’ performance and user benefits that this world needs. It uses DWV patented technology and is still in development, as DWV plans to license its latest mowing technology and mower designs.

The U.S. Department of Energy sent an engineer to DWV’s offices to review our prototype mower for a DOE energy-savings grant. This was an honor as we were the ‘one in a hundred’ that they choose for funding. Typical of Washington bureaucracy, they sent a guy with no knowledge of the technologies involved. He asked for a demo. It was mid-February in Connecticut. Entertaining…” – DW

Pheasant Hill – Luxe Sportswear, Luggage And Accessories

Creating a Brand, Product Line and Merchandising. 1988

Pheasant Hill was created by David Wiener and sold in 1988 to the Beymen division of Altınyıldız Group in Istanbul. The head of this international textile and fashion retailer, Cem Boyner, was an avid sportsmen and hunter so he instantly took to the lifestyle Pheasant Hill personified. As it turns out, Mr. Boyner was far more than a hunting and fashion enthusiast; he would later be tapped to run as Turkey’s president!.

Pheasant Hill became an expansive line of fine hunting wear, fly-fishing gear, skiwear, beach wear, casual sportswear, and ultimately, a full line of men’s and women’s sportswear, shoes, bags and accessories. At home in the field, on a stream or in the street, Pheasant Hill was sold primarily in Turkey and England.r

As the Pheasant Hill line grew, the company decided to make it a major part of their own stores and they asked me to design the store interiors and source all of the decorations for sporting themes. I had to fly into Turkey with boxes of shooting and fishing art and trinkets. And replica guns. The company told me everything would be OK. As I attempted to pass through customs, the customs agent was stopped by a company executive and a customs manager. They handed the agent some sample Pheasant Hill lapel pins I was carrying and the boxes of fake guns were never opened! It was insane, and exciting!” – DW

Following is an outline of the various details that David Wiener Ventures created and managed in order to help Beymen launch, and grow, the Pheasant Hill collection:

Original Creation of the Pheasant Hill Concept

  • Product Concepts
  • Accessory concepts
  • Positioning
  • Promotion
  • Image
  • Branding

Fashion Design Elements

  • Men’s & Women’s Field Sports Shooting Wear
  • Men’s & Women’s Fly-fishing Gear
  • Men’s & Women’s Skiwear
  • Men’s Sportswear – Complete line including shoes, ties, accessories
  • Women’s Sportswear – Complete line including dresses, shoes, handbags, accessories
  • Men’s & Women’s Beachwear and Accessories
  • Men’s & Women’s Casual Wear and Accessories
  • Print, Sewing & Embroidery Details
  • Sourcing and Vendor Consulting

Store Design:

Concepts, Layouts, Theme decorations and authentic hardware

Image & Positioning:

Concepts, Logos & Graphic Details, Photo Shoots – Locations and Direction

CB Sports – Advanced Performance System – Aps® Skiwear

CB Sports’ Top Selling Line. 1986

“Full-featured technical protection for high mountain ridges, brutal back-country, well-groomed slopes and all areas in between. APS is for the serious user who demands multi-use versatility in their performance outerwear.” – CB Sports.

“This was my first shot at ski fashion and I was determined to make it the ultimate ski gear…the stuff I wanted as a skier.” – David Wiener

DWV’s Advanced Performance System® modular race- and extreme-skiwear for CB Sports, the then world leader in performance skiwear, became CB Sports’ biggest seller and longest running line, offering exceptional performance and adaptability for elite athletes and extreme skiers – and lots of amateurs too!

DWV’s early theory of totally integrating product design, branding, graphics, merchandising and marketing resulted in a line of advanced products, as well as uniquely effective store fixturing and display furniture and novel presentation and marketing ideas and designs.


The World’s First Production 3-Wheel Recumbent Bike. 1983

“Probably the greatest advance in bicycle design in a hundred years.” – Bill Kurtis, CBS Morning News

Manufactured in Westport, Connecticut by Landspeeder, Inc., a David Wiener Ventures company, The Landspeeder was based off of the world speed record bike David Wiener designed for his thesis in engineering and aerodynamics for Eric Heiden (5 gold medal speed skater and 7-Eleven bike team captain) and John Howard (Ironman Winner and Olympic cyclist) to race in 1981.

Landspeeders were sold in the U.S. and abroad for fitness, commuting and racing. They were raced by the Landspeeder factory team at the Indianapolis Speedway International World Speed Championships.

“Design vs. Manufacturing – it’s easy to design stuff. Making it – and making it affordable is a whole different exercise. There are lots of designers and engineers out there coming up with all kinds of cool concepts. The trick is figuring out how to turn ideas into producible products and viable business opportunities.” – DW