DWV Offerings

DWV Offerings

David Wiener Ventures. Efficient. Effective. Exciting.

As we like to say: Innovative and efficient design is our core business, and creating value with WOW offerings is our goal. This is what separates DWV from conventional design and business consulting firms.

DWV Product And Business Development

DWV offers a variety of product design, engineering, innovation and image consulting to global brands and start-ups alike. In addition to acclaimed creativity and problem solving, DWV’s business and M&A background allows our teams to think in terms of real-world business, sales, manufacturing, marketing and operations. Let us apply our efficient and innovative approach to your next dream project. We don’t take on every project that comes our way but the ones we do work on always end up being a success for their brands. Just ask Nike, Columbia, Ferrari, Ben & Jerry’s or Old Navy.

• Apps • Audio • Automobiles • Branding • Bikes • Electronics • Fashion • Furnishings • Furniture • Healthcare • Logos • Packaging • Sports Equipment • Vehicles •

DWV Thirdear Advisory Service

DWV believes that CEOs and executive teams, as well as their individual units, don’t get enough time to truly think and analyze situations. They don’t get to step back and view their situations in creative and effective ways. That’s where DWV’s team can help. By sitting in on critical gatherings, DWV provides you with an outside view that is unhindered by preconception or politics. And unlike typical consultants, we derive the bulk of our revenue from other areas so we’re not interested in finding ways to stay on board. Whether you need help with your vision, your management, your creativity or operations, DWV’s team can provide general or specific help with R&D, product planning, sales, marketing, manufacturing, image and company culture.

“If things seem under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” – Mario Andretti, Formula One World Champion