David Wiener Ventures Story

David Wiener Ventures is a think tank for highly innovative business opportunities, developing complete programs to bring these programs to fruition through carefully integrated design, engineering, production, marketing, sales, product positioning and corporate identity development. From product design and branding to engineering, manufacturing, marketing and business development, DWV brings a unique mix of expertise and innovation to its own products and to those companies that it assists.

David Wiener Ventures’ ability to successfully create exciting products for many industries is based on an active involvement in numerous areas of product, fashion, electronics, software and vehicle development. DWV’s research facilities allow ongoing investigations in the areas of aerodynamics, audio, electronics, apparel, furnishings, software, sports and vehicle dynamics.

In addition to developing its own products, DWV’s ThirdEar advisory services have been sought after by some of the world’s best known companies, such as Ferrari, Old Navy, U.S. Ski Team, Formula One, Indy Car, Columbia Sportswear and Popular Science.

The driving force behind DWV is David Wiener, whose talents have been recognized worldwide. Profiled in international newspapers, magazines, design books and television shows, including a PBS television documentary about his work with high-performance vehicles, Mr. Wiener has a background in engineering, art and aerodynamics, holds over a dozen patents and is the recipient of several international design and business awards.

David Wiener

David Wiener grew up tinkering, inventing and building all manner of “things” from a gas powered go-kart at 12 to a hydroplane at 14 to a world speed record vehicle at 20. As a student, David majored in art and engineering, studied aerodynamics and was the subject of a PBS documentary. After school, David worked for Time Magazine’s Engineer of the Century, Paul MacCready, before launching his own company, W2 Design in 1982, later to be known as David Wiener Ventures, in Westport, Connecticut, David’s work has involved everything from cars and bikes to aircraft, high fashion, furniture and furnishings, electronics, audio, music products and more recently, apps. David is also responsible for iconic brand development and globally known work such as the U.S. Ski Team logos, Columbia’s PFG clothing line, the Ferrari Art.Engine audio system, SoundTube speakers and many more timeless, elegant products. David’s career as a designer, inventor and entrepreneur has provided an endless series of exciting products, businesses, licensing and associations with global brands and elite sports teams. Along the way, David’s driving goals have been simple:

Vision. Innovation. Performance. Style. Business.

Highlight: Music & Audio

David Wiener grew up playing electric guitar in bands from the age of 9, going to shows at The Fillmore East, hanging out at Dan Armstrong’s guitar shop and living for the music from the first time he spun a record. Customizing his guitars and building amateur speaker boxes to make his junior high school “rig” bigger, led him to invent a variety of electronics, audio, music products, and more recently, music apps.

David has established himself as a visionary in the audio world, having founded SoundTube Entertainment, a highly respected manufacturer of commercial speakers with clients such as Starbucks, Old Navy, The GAP, Disney and many more global brands. David’s work with Ferrari is well known throughout the audio world and his positions as Chairman of both DWV Entertainment and pro audio brand, Aphex, put him in the middle of a wide variety of audio, entertainment and music programs.

David has over a dozen patents in the area of audio and speaker design, and is the recipient of multiple awards for design, business and entrepreneurism in the audio and consumer electronics industry.

Along the way, David launched a licensing division of the Aphex company, in order to get their advanced audio enhancement and processing technologies into the hands of more music lovers. From guitars to hearing devices, the Aphex technology is helping people hear and enjoy their listening experiences with greater performance and satisfaction.

David’s time in the audio world has also brought business opportunities as manufacturers seek assistance from DWV in targeting, buying and selling companies. DWV’s entertainment industry M&A division is branching out to leverage its expertise in other industries, such as automotive, sport and fashion.

Respect The Music Foundation

David’s love of music and audio engineering, coupled with frustration over the lack of funding for music and art programs in schools, has led to the creation of Respect The Music. As a not-for-profit foundation, Respect The Music provides the perfect launch pad to get more support for music and art programs and connect the worlds musicians, artists, technicians and educators with the masses who enjoy music but have limited exposure, understanding and respect for the important aspects it plays in everyday life, growth, happiness, health and well-being.

DWV Culture

“Beyond Ideas” Culture:

DWV ‘s team is passionate about extreme creativity and execution. We focus on ideas that are beyond conventional thinking. We then determine effective ways of taking ideas to their full realization – fully developed, producible, marketable and saleable. We understand business and see the whole picture – ideas, execution, operations, personnel, production and profit.

“Fountainhead” Culture:

DWV actually does the work and understands the science, engineering and production technology involved in going from sketch to marketplace. If we don’t understand a technology or methodology, we don’t guess; we learn it.

“Differentiation” Culture:

DWV isn’t into “me-too”. If we can’t create true differentiation – whether through innovation, technology, bundling, style or service, we’re just not interested.

“Maturity” Culture::

DWV is not a bunch of design school parrots spewing typical designer-speak. We’re a uniquely mixed team of executives, engineers, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs. We make real and effective programs that work. Our long history of entrepreneurial design, engineering and marketing achievements is based on originality and vision, not trendy thinking.

““Formula One” Culture:

DWV uses Formula One as a source of inspiration and measurement to drive it to optimize and review performance, style, operations, image and success.

DWV Future

David Wiener Ventures works on several product and business concepts at any given time. This mixing of ideas and the personnel who work on each invariably inspires new ideas and future programs. David Wiener Ventures is constantly patenting new concepts and developing unique brands to support ongoing programs. The pace is fast and the future is constantly changing as new ideas are added to the mix. DWV is developing technologies and business opportunities in the areas of:

  • Video Projection
  • Healthcare Products
  • Luxury Home Furnishings
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Audio Products
  • Sports Fashion