The Golden Bolt Adult Fidget featured in Forbes Magazine

The Golden Bolt Adult Fidget featured in Forbes Magazine
November 4, 2017 David Wiener

Everyone has somebody on their gift list who is impossible to buy for, and some unfortunate people have more than one. It’s the person who has everything that he or she ever wanted, and the money to buy anything else their hearts desire, i.e. millionaires. They’ve been everywhere, done everything and over the years you’ve given them all the “usual suspects” of nameless, faceless, impersonal and unbranded gifts on your more modest budget that pales in comparison to theirs.

For the Contemplative Millionaire

Kids have their fidgets and now designer, artist and serial entrepreneur David Weiner has created a fidget for adults, the Golden Bolt. Elegantly 24K gold-plated, it’s a nut and bolt device that gives your millionaire something to fiddle with while solving problems or pondering the next creative venture. Originally priced at $100, it’s available this year for $60, with special discount pricing for multiple Golden Bolts suitable for corporate gift giving.

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