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Artist. Designer. Entrepreneur. And Back.

                                      In his teens, David Wiener was one of the youngest professional photographers in America, shooting the
                                      exciting worlds of Formula One, the Indianapolis 500, the America’s Cup and the US Open. Later, becoming an
                                      internationally recognized designer with clients such as Ferrari, Porsche, Beymen, Nike and Columbia, creating
                                      innovative and iconic products. David’s work helped him develop an intriguing vision of the world, resulting
                                      in one of his latest mediums: fine art prints that use photographs to push the viewer to see art in the often
                                      overlooked details of architecture, technology, nature and other subject matter. He has  exhibited his work
                                      internationally and has created commissioned pieces for private collectors and corporate clients.

                                      From photographer to designer and engineer to entrepreneur and back to art, the overriding fuel is creativity
                                      and  passion - for all things that are unique, that move, roll, fly, enhance and inspire. David’s ideas and breadth
                                      of vision even extends into writing. With so many years of creating marketing pieces, manuals, presentations
                                      and an endless stream of business documents, David has turned his writing to a book on the realities of serial
                                      entrepreneurship, taking his own story and weaving an intense, fun, humorous – and at times, scary – tale that
                                      will make seasoned entrepreneurs and business people smile and give budding newbies pause.

                                      David Wiener’s products, clothing, furniture, vehicles and art are in the private collections of Jean Todt, Michael
                                      Schumacher, Kimi Räikkönen, Sanjay Dutt, Alan Parsons, Pat Metheny, Ferrari SpA, the Mandarin Oriental, and
                                      are standard fixtures in global chains such as Starbucks, The GAP, Old Navy, Disney and numerous others.

                                      David works from studios in Park City, Utah. When he’s not working, David is active in all the things that inspire
                                      his work: skiing, saltwater fly-fishing, playing guitar, bird hunting, racing cars and mountain biking. Some of his
                                      best ideas are inspired by time spent laughing, cooking and drinking Jack Daniel’s with clients, friends and family.

                                  2004 • Photoshoot on the Bonneville Salt Flats for SoundTube Entertainment, a David Wiener Ventures company
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