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Innovation. Performance. Style.

 David Wiener Ventures is the creative and business outlet of David Wiener. From the early days in 1982 to today,
 DWV has been a source of high visibility, exciting and unique creations.

 David is an internationally recognized designer and serial entrepreneur who combines extraordinary style
 and performance in everything he creates. He applies his engineering, marketing and branding expertise to
 ensure success for his design creations, from cars and bikes to yachts and aircraft, high fashion, furniture and
 furnishings, electronics, sports equipment, audio systems, music products, electronics, digital apps, and more
 recently, cyber-encryption systems.

 Over the past 35+ years, DWV has created iconic products, logos and brands for such global names as Ferrari,
 the U.S. Ski Team, Columbia Sportswear, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike, BMW, Ganassi Racing, and many others. DWV has
 been the subject of countless international media stories, as well as a PBS documentary, Human Power, about
 David’s attempt on the human powered world speed record with vehicles he engineered and built as part of his
 college thesis.

 David Wiener grew up tinkering, inventing and building all manner of “things” from a gas-powered go kart at 12
 to a hydroplane at 14 to a world speed record vehicle at 20. At the University of Vermont Engineering School and
 Hampshire College, David majored in art and engineering, with a minor in aerodynamics. Out of college, David
 was recruited by Time Magazine’s Engineer of the Century, Paul MacCready, before launching his own company,
 W  Design in 1982, later to be known as David Wiener Ventures, in Westport, Connecticut.

 As a designer, inventor and entrepreneur, David has created an endless series of exciting products, businesses,
 licensing opportunities and associations with global brands and elite sports teams. Along the way, he has had
 the pleasure of working with scores of individuals who lent their time, talent, and passion to many of these
 endeavors. Add to this the power of his family – Kate, Weston, Hans and Enzo – driving him to constantly push
 and improve his work and ideas.

 Vision. Innovation. Performance. Style. Authenticity.

 1983 • W2 Design • Westport, Connecticut • The first real studio and workshop for what would later be known as David Wiener Ventures
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