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Designing A Career

                                      My earliest passion was race cars. Vehicles took over much of my mind as a kid, and later as an adult. The beauty and elegance
                                      of Italian GT cars, the rawness of Le Mans racers and the glamour and ultimate technology of Formula One infected my mind
                                      and from there, I was destined to look, learn and listen, absorbing all I could from the worlds of speed, luxury, competition and

                                      Over time, my focus on the aesthetic pushed me to want to manage not just the design of the product at hand, but also the
                                      branding and marketing that would tell a story in a way that was perfectly synced. I call this Integrated Design – where the product,
                                      packaging, visuals, collateral and even the name talk to each other through an intrinsic connection.

                                      What could be a better career than to create and create and create some more? A simple notebook and pencil are all I need to be
                                      perfectly happy, anywhere – on a plane, a beach, in traffic, or killing time in a dentist’s office. Creating excitement and interesting
                                      stuff is what I really love. What could be better?  – DW

            1981 • American Wheelmen magazine cover • David and Olympic Champion, Eric Heiden prepare for attempt at world speed record as part of David’s college thesis
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