Artist David Wiener Commissioned by Porsche

Artist David Wiener Commissioned by Porsche
August 9, 2021 David Wiener

PARK CITY, UTAH, August 4, 2021 – Fine artist David Wiener has installed a significant commission of his Porsche-themed artwork for Porsche in America.

For more than four decades, David Wiener has had a love affair with Porsche. From his teenage days as the youngest professional photographer shooting Formula One, Indy, and IMSA racing, to designing and building custom Porsches for shows and clients, racing Porsches himself, creating liveries and branding for Porsche Motorsports teams, and more recently, to artwork, David has been steeped in Porsche history, competition, engineering and the culture of Porsche and its global audience.

One of the premier Porsche facilities in the U.S.A. has commissioned David to create a major installation of his unique artwork using Porsche cars and Porsche racing as the themes for his abstract works. Each of the 18 pieces uses photographic elements from various Porsche 911, GT3, and 918 road and race cars to create his photo collages.

These works take the viewer, whether car enthusiast or not, deep into the artwork. At first glance, the viewer will see symmetrical patterns, but upon closer inspection, with a keen eye, one can discover specific automotive elements and details in the many photographs David shoots to build each piece. These details make the work so intriguing, as the viewer “discovers” the elegance and appreciates the design and engineering of the subject matter that is so often missed when viewing a car, or a product, building, or landscape. David’s life-long focus on aesthetics and detail, coupled with his career in design, has led to these art discoveries, which in the case of his automotive-themed pieces, takes “car art” from the garage and moves it into the gallery.

This new Porsche Series was commissioned to generate more excitement and elegance in a large Porsche space. David created 14 works, each 40” x 40” archival prints on aluminum and 4 framed archival printed works that are 24” x 48,” giving the viewer another format into these captivating, beautiful, and thought-provoking pieces. These works represent the intersection between Porsche and art, creating pieces for car enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

“Cars have played an integral role in my career. Whether capturing action shots or using my technique of Photographic Constructs to create abstract art, I am constantly intrigued by elegant, timeless, and performance-designed cars. Having my work featured at Porsche is an honor many years in the making,” said Wiener.

About David Wiener Fine Art
David Wiener’s Fine Art has been exhibited in Europe, Japan, South America, and numerous venues throughout the U.S. His work has been installed in corporate headquarters in New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Miami, and has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Maxim, The New York Times, Playboy, and other publications. His creations are in the private collection of Alan Parsons, Peter Gabriel, Jean Todt, Sanjay Dutt, Peter Frampton, Kimi Räikkönen, Apolo Ohno, Michael Schumacher, Pat Metheny, Ferrari SpA, Porsche, and the Mandarin Oriental.


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